Wo may use this plattform?

everybody who respects the following rules 

The Rules (especially the use of Categories and tags)

Not allowed:
- Dates may not be entered twice:
The DJ, the live music band and the organizer enter the same date each one separately, resulting in triple dates
The same appointment is presented with different content, but has the same time and place

Wrong keywords / cageories
- Ongoing courses can be entered under LEARNING, but NOT under "Dancing".

- To "disguise" "courses" as a practice evening so that they appear under the heading "Dancing" on the start page is not allowed.
To mention workshops, courses or tango instruction before a milonga in the text is "tolerated", but it is recommended to create this part of the date in the category Learning as a separate one, so that the date can be found via the filters (e.g. workshops).

- Offering private lessons is not an ongoing, regular course. The list "Organizers offering private lessons" is intended for this purpose.

Incorrectly entered events are corrected, moved or simply NOT displayed in the wrong category if they do not comply with the rules.
The correction of dates and above all the communication connected with it, is an effort to be avoided as much as possible, because this platform is operated on a voluntary basis, free of charge for all tangueros and organizers.

Pictures and other uploaded / Linked media
- You should be authorized to upload the used graphical material, photos of the band or show dancers etc. to this server. As long as the pictures are uploaded and linked to an account, date or venue, the right to publish and distribute them on the internet is required. The liability for violations of uploaded content remains with the organizer who uploaded the data!

Logically, this is a TANGO website, only date entries that are related to tango are allowed/desired. 

Organizers who repeatedly violate the above rules will be warned and unfortunately will have to be banned if the rules are disregarded. 

Here I hope for the common sense: Insults and everything that is not tolerated in real life, simply omitted. 

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