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Tango Sur - Susanne Mühlhaus

81241 München

ONLINE Tango-Training mit Susanne:

Tangotechnik allein oder zu zweit bequem von zuhause aus teilnehmen. Ideal zum wieder Reinkommen in den Tango und zur Ergänzung zum Präsenzunterricht. We shall do exercises for posture, balance, grounding, walking technique for leaders and followers, ocho technique, rhythm, elegance and musicality in this series of online classes.
You can take part on your own or with your partner.
All you need is free floor space in front of your laptop or other device.

The class is scheduled for Thursday for now and the day and time may change in the following weeks.

For any questions you can also telephone +49 1577 172 8782
To join this online class just go to 

Bei Fragen zum Kurs gerne anrufen: Susanne Mühlhaus 01577 172 8782

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