Liste von Veranstaltern, DJs, Tangolehrer und Musiker

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Axel Quintana, born in the city of Rosario, province of Sta. Fe, Argentina, started his trip in the Tango world at the age of 14. His dance form is defined in the lines of "Tango Salon," but he says, "I do not dance a particular tango style ... I dance tango with style!". Axel took various private lessons and workshops by internationally know dancers with great experience, who gained tango knowledge from different angles. This allowed him to develop his own style of dance, and form his technique. He also participated in various tango shows in Argentina. Lidia Kondilidis was born in Buenos Aires and soon fell in love with tango. In Athens, where she grew up, after studying ballet and modern dance, she took tango lessons and private classes by many internationally recognised dancers and danced in tango shows. Lidia developed a personal dance style - a feminine, energetic, sexy. After moving to Munich, together with Axel, she is studying many different tango styles and forming an own technique. Axel and Lidia are doing shows in the city of Munich and throughout Europe and have become semi-finalists in the 2018 UK Tango Championship. They train together and take lessons from the most famous tango dancers to improve and achieve their goals. They also participate in many tango shows and create their own choreographies. Lidia and Axel are characterised by their energy, special style, authentic dance style and beautiful connection while dancing!