PRKTK - geführte Practica


The four laws of learning are explanation, demonstration, imitation and repetition. The goal is to create a correct habit that can be produced instinctively under great pressure. To make sure this goal was achieved, I create eight laws of learning — namely
1. explanation,
2. demonstration,
3. imitation,
4. repetition,
5. repetition,
6. repetition,
7. repetition,
8. repetition.

~John Wooden

According to the eight laws of learning, the correct repetition is what makes a change.
I am finally organising my guided Practica in Munich. It starts this Tuesday at 20:30-22:30 in Maillinger Studios
What you can expect within these two hours/week?

• Dancing in a young and inspiring environment
• Get closer together with the young Munich tango community
• Getting some help with nurturing tango questions
• Perfect room for tango located by U-1 station

The idea behind these weekly meetings is to dance socially and safely at the same time
It has limited spots. You can register for the whole month to make sure you will have a spot. Or for single dates. Either way registration in couples is necessary. Write to
The price is 10 euro/person

Aneta Orlik // Tango Flow
+49 176 47687276

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{ "@context" : "", "@type" : "Event", "name" : "PRKTK - geführte Practica", "description" : "Ein Ort zum tanzen und üben in einer angenehmen Atmosphäre - jeden Dienstag", "startDate" : "2020-11-10T00:00" , "url" : "", "location" : { "@type" : "Place", "name" : "Maillingerstudios", "address" : { "@type" : "PostalAddress", "streetAddress" : "Maillinger Straße 6", "addressLocality" : "München", "postalCode" : "80636" } } }


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10.11.2020: PRKTK - geführte Practica
Ein Ort zum tanzen und üben in einer angenehmen Atmosphäre - jeden Dienstag