Dna Tango mit Tango Holidays in Greece

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Tango Holidays in Greece
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Pension Lena Ritsou 5

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Would you like to combine your passion or curiosity for Argentine Tango dancing with an inspiring seaside holiday on the Mediterranean island where the first European civilization thrived, explore pristine beaches, relax while enjoying tasty traditional cuisine at charming cafes and restaurants and make new friends in an easy going international atmosphere?

No matter whether you have a partner to tango with or not, you are a real or a false beginner or have an intermediate/advanced level, come and join our friendly, experienced Argentine Tango teachers for a Tango dancing holiday in Chania, the most beautiful city on Crete, during one week.

Sat 30.05.20. to Sat 06.06.20
with Sol Evans and Esequiel Maiolo, Argentina/ Munich

Our weekly package includes:
- one come-together welcome dinner
- 7 nights’ accommodation in cosy hospitable pensions or small hotels in the old town
- 14 hours of Tango lessons and practicas
- 6 milongas
- one lesson-free day
- one guided tour through the city’s major attractions.
Milongas, dancing rooms and beaches are within walking distance of your accommodation!

Prices per week and person:
€ 490,00 in double-bedded room
€ 580,00 in single-bedded room.

Many airlines fly from all over Europe into Crete, either to Chania (CHQ) or Heraklion (HER). Please note that flight and transfer are not included in our weekly package. If you need any advice or assistance with transfer, we will be glad to help you out.

On the lesson-free day we organize a range of excursions as extras giving participants the opportunity to explore the magic of the island and get to know each other better, i.e.
· day trip to Balos, Elafonisi or Falasarna, which are among the most beautiful beaches in the world;
· day trip with a short hike to Imbros Gorge (about 2,5 hours) followed by an evening barbecue;
· sightseeing in Rethymno (about 1,5 hours by car from Chania) and evening milonga in an enchanting historical building.

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Handy & Whatsapp:
+49 0176 349 29 700

DNA productions tango, communicative link, vision of a better life.


Esequiel Maiolo und Sol Evans

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30.05.2020: Dna Tango mit Tango Holidays in Greece
30.5-6.6 Enjoy of the great Greece with workkhops by Esequiel Maiolo & Sol Evans